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Fenomenal Feline Fun! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Fenomenal Feline Fun! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    That’s right! Our Monarchies of Mau Kickstarter goes live at 12 noon Eastern US time tomorrow, Tuesday the 16th!

    But wait – I imagine I hear you say –* what, I say, what in tarnation is Monarchies of Mau?

    Designed by Eddy Webb, Monarchies of Mau is the companion game to Pugmire, but rather than playing uplifted dogs you play uplifted cats. We stress that this is a companion game and not a sequel, because it is complete unto itself, but set in the same fantasy world that Man has left. The land of the Monarchies are to the east of Pugmire, through the forest, and there is an uneasy peace between the two domains. So you can play either game or both.

    While Pugmire‘s tagline is “Be A Good Dog”, we are using “Trust Your Instincts”, for Monarchies of Mau. Cat society is a patchwork confederation of noble house led city-states, the Monarchies, where politics both ties the Monarchies together, and threatens to tear them apart.

    And, of course, outside the cities lie adventures and dangers as well with the ruins and creatures ...


    Onyx Path
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