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All Kindsa Drakulas [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • All Kindsa Drakulas [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Justin Achilli used to stumble around the old WW office as a character mumbling and shouting about all the Drakulas. Might be two l’s and/or two k’s in there. Maybe a g. I honestly couldn’t tell you, but all I could hear is him yelling about them this week as I thought about our meeting today.

    Of course, as per the cover featured in the art above, we’re thrilled to be able to put the latest Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition supplement, Thousand Years of Night, on sale on DriveThru this Wednesday. First the Advance PDF, and after we get any notes back from purchasers, we’ll make an errata pass and get an updated final version of the PDF up, and get the physical copy PoD on sale too.

    If you’ve been following, this was one of the first ideas for a VtR supplement that Rollickin’ Rose pitched to me as VtR developer, and it felt the pressure exerted by her expanding duties here at Onyx Path. It just got bogged down as Rose stepped up to cover crisis after crisis as ...


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