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Fiction Friday: Victorian Lost

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  • Fiction Friday: Victorian Lost

    Today we enter the fog-enshrouded world of*Victorian Lost‘s opening fiction:

    Night of the Murdering Shadow
    or: “The Tearing Smile”
    Being a tale of faeries and nightmares by the esteemed Mr Peregrine, presented in six parts by the renowned publishing house of Thomas and Webb*— who accept no responsibility should the reader be overcome by this tale of horror and dark imagination (Part I)
    Maggie was lost, but still she ran. The fear of what might follow her had passed beyond mere terror into a dull sensation that was now almost forgotten as she pushed her way through the brambles. Her arms stung from a hundred tiny cuts and tears where the thorns had bitten her. They snagged at her clothing, tore at her face and hair, but still she blindly ran on. She had no idea where she was going. All she knew was that she had to get away and, worse, that something was coming after her.

    Her pursuer was more of a presence than a physical shape. The crashing it made seemed so very distant, but each time she ...


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