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Goodbye, My Friend [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Goodbye, My Friend [Monday Meeting Notes]

    This is the blog post I never, ever, expected to have to write.

    My friend, Stewart Wieck, co-founder of White Wolf Magazine and White Wolf Game Studio, creator of Mage: The Ascension, and founder of Nocturnal Media, was finishing a light session of fencing last Thursday when he was struck down by a heart attack and died.

    Even writing the above, putting it into cold black and white words, just rips me apart.

    And frankly, that list up there of his accomplishments doesn’t even touch on the reality of the man, of his grace and kindness. It doesn’t speak of passion for writing, and creating, and learning. Of his dry wit and his silly side.

    Most of all, it doesn’t speak of the sort of man who can decide that he was going to create in a field he loved, tabletop RPGs (back when we just called them RPGs, as there were no others), and made it happen step by step while inspiring others to come to his side and storm the walls of heaven.

    Or the TSR castle at Gen Con, for those of ...


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    my most sincere condolences. His work inspired many of us.

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      Originally posted by Crowley View Post
      my most sincere condolences. His work inspired many of us.

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