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Fiction Friday: Exalted Third Edition

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  • Fiction Friday: Exalted Third Edition

    This week we present an excerpt from the introductory fiction of Exalted Third Edition.

    Once upon a time,*two girls lived in a dark place: a place of stagnant water at the bottom of the world.

    Above them were stacks of ancient buildings; new buildings, piled up upon the old; and endless criss crossing walkways, so many you could hardly see the sky. The sun was just a distant glitter. The moon’s faces, just the same.

    There in that place the sea was still; its waters were stopped up, its currents were broken. The sluice-streets down in the bottom-most layers did not run wet and then dry three times a day, like in the better districts, but simply sat there pooling, seeping, gathering bugs and gunk and plague. They who lived there were scarcely recorded by the men and women who kept the books in Heaven. “Some number of little people reside below,” they’d say, or write, “—and bugs,” and nod their heads.

    When Suzu, the younger of the two, was four, she went out into the sluice-streets to play; only, instead of dying ...


    Onyx Path
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