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These Eras Are Dark, Too! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • These Eras Are Dark, Too! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Hello! I just flew back from Atlanta where we had a heart-felt memorial event for Stewart Wieck. It was very much a reunion of folks from all over who had worked at WW and knew, loved, and respected Stew. More on that as the pics and videos start to get sent my way, but let’s just say that there were tears and laughs and I’m all scraped up from playing 4Square on the concrete outside the bar.

    So this week, we have the start of the Dark Eras 2 Kickstarter campaign, and this blog post I was going to post as last Monday’s blog. As tired as I am, it’s actually very nice that this already existed:

    This time of year is always crazy for Onyx Path because we’re getting ready for Gen Con. In between figuring out cool swag, booth demos, and our panels, we are also putting the finishing touches on this year’s brochures. Every year, I write a letter to you, our community, and our freelancers in the brochure, to talk about the changes we’ve experienced as a company. ...


    Onyx Path
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