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The True Fae [Changeling: The Lost]

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  • The True Fae [Changeling: The Lost]

    Changeling: The Lost, Second Edition*has gone to manuscript approval at White Wolf Entertainment. This is WWE’s chance to look at our near-final text and specify any changes they’d like to see. After this, the book goes to editing and art direction, then post-editing development, then layout.

    To celebrate, here’s a preview of the True Fae, by Meghan Fitzgerald and Travis Stout!

    The True Fae
    Half a hundred aliases describe them: Gentry, Good Cousins, Kindly Ones, Fair Folk,* and more. These are lies frightened women and men tell, hoping to appease the vanity of capricious gods. Such false names obscure true ones that no one dares speak, lest careless and impertinent utterance draw Their attention from across the Thorns. The Lost use the word “fae” to describe anything that comes from the Hedge or beyond it — hobgoblins, tokens, even themselves. But the True Fae are those noble, mercurial, unknowable beings that stride, larger than life, across Arcadia and rule its lands with the divine right of conquerors.

    Most changelings see “Keeper” as synonymous with “Gentry,” but in truth, Faerie is home to countless Others ...


    Onyx Path
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