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Fiction Friday: (More) Tales of the Dark Eras

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  • Fiction Friday: (More) Tales of the Dark Eras

    We’re back this week with more from*Tales of the Dark Eras, the tie-in fiction to*Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras. Our Kickstarter for Dark Eras 2 is still rolling, so if you want to get involved in the selection of new eras and expansion of existing ones, this is your chance!

    One of our developer triumvirate is Monica Valentinelli, who wrote*Suffering of the Unchosen for Tales of the Dark Eras, covering the 1690-1695 period for Hunter: The Vigil.

    I was but a simple farmer whose tender son once planted seeds in barren, rocky soil, whose sweet wife once gathered berries, herbs, and mushrooms in the forest, whose family once led a trouble-free life surrounded by our cousins and neighbors in Salem Village.

    Now, that life — the life of William Mansforth — is over. Though it is by some miracle I still draw breath, the rest of my family was tragically murdered a few nights ago.

    I found their smoldering remains after I had returned home, battered and bruised, for I had been robbed by petty thieves earlier that day. Upon witnessing the horrible sight ...


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