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The Realm Preview, part 1 [Exalted]

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  • The Realm Preview, part 1 [Exalted]

    Rose here, with the latest preview from*The Realm, courtesy of lead developers Eric Minton and Robert Vance. May I present… Prasad!

    The Empire of Prasad
    The Jade Road carries countless talents north toward the Blessed Isle, and just as many adventurers, opportunists, and vacationing Dynasts to the south. Those who complete the journey find a nation at the height of ambition and opulence. The Empire of Prasad crusade across the Dreaming Sea, a conquering heir to the Scarlet Dynasty.

    The Dreaming Frontier
    The coast of the Dreaming Sea teems with kingdoms and empires, each fighting to hold their homes against strange and aggressive fauna, Fair Folk raiders, and each other. Gods and elementals claim earthly territory with impunity. The region varies from one journey to the next: even when national borders aren’t shifting, Wyld storms roll off the sea and alter the coastal terrain. Scavengers find sites not seen since the First Age, if ever, and lose those sites just as suddenly.

    Several grand empires rise above the mayfly kingdoms of the Dreaming Sea. In three hundred years, Prasad has expanded from ...


    Onyx Path
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