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The Dog Days of August…Sorta. [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • The Dog Days of August…Sorta. [Monday Meeting Notes]

    As Gen Con looms ever closer and most of us at Onyx Path and a really big chunk of our tremendous freelancers look at spending a week getting to talk face to face with each other and all of you attending in Indianapolis, we’re also looking at a bunch of things that are happenin’ here at Onyx Path central.

    As you might have guessed from the photo, Pugmire has started shipping to backers of its Kickstarter. The photo is especially nice because it shows pretty much all of the physical rewards in one shot!


    Besides being great for the Pugmire backers, this is also pretty big news for Onyx Path publishing as a whole. This is our first totally new game line we’ve taken from idea to the published work. To have it turn out so well, and to have so much of a Pugmire community already playing and reading…well, that’s immensely gratifying and bodes well for our future projects.

    And if we are doing well in general, that means that the chance of us producing more projects for your favorite game lines ...


    Onyx Path
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