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    Hi, everyone. Today, I’d like to preview some Merits from*Changeling: The Lost.

    When we started the second edition process with*Vampire (which, wow, was five years ago), one of the things I was keen on was making sure that every monster had access to cool Merits related to their supernatural nature. Splat-specific Merits have been a big part of second edition, and*Changeling is no different. Indeed, it’s even more of a natural fit for the Lost, given the range of innate qualities and unexpected advantages changelings sometimes acquire.

    With that in mind, here are some Merits from*Changeling. These aren’t all of the changeling-specific Merits in the book (I’d say they’re about a quarter of them), but I think they show off some of the fun directions we’ve gone in.

    One of the things I’ve chosen to highlight is changeling fighting styles, because the Chronicles of Darkness can be a rough place. You’ll also notice that some forms of fae magic fit more naturally as Merits than as Contracts, something to keep in mind when customizing powers for your own game.


    Diviner (• to •••••)

    Prerequisites: Composure ...


    Onyx Path
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