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    Vampire: The Requiem

    Half-Damned for*Vampire just finished its post-editing development phase, and is entirely in the art process now. So today, courtesy of*Vampire developer Danielle Lauzon, I’d like to present a day in the life of a dhampir.

    A typical day in the life of a dhampir will look very different for a dhampir deeply immersed in the All Night Society contrasted against one who instead spends her nights hunting monsters. And for those who know nothing of their heritage and nature, things are different yet again.

    Dhampir in the Dark
    Dhampir have carved out their own place in the nocturnal world, though they always stand apart from — and the covenants often place them beneath — Kindred. Most statuses Kindred can achieve are also achievable for dhampir, with the notable exceptions of joining the Invictus, along with a few specific roles in the Circle of the Crone and among the Sanctified.

    That said, dhampir face their own problems, chief of which is their reputation as murderers and renegades. Relatively few dhampir hunt vampires (though proportionally more often than mortals, their low numbers mean ...


    Onyx Path
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