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Fiction Friday: Demon Storyteller’s Guide

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  • Fiction Friday: Demon Storyteller’s Guide

    This week we bring you the opening fiction from the Demon Storyteller’s Guide for Demon: The Descent,*Future-Proof.

    In the darkness beyond the outer rim of the Sol system, the Oort Cloud ?owed silently through the great angel Mattaron. Uniquely designed by the God-Machine while swirling hot gases had yet to hatch planets, Mattaron’s ephemeral form blanketed the entire spinning structure with gossamer-thin tendrils — from the nuclear rage at its center to the furthest reaches beyond what the primitive inhabitants had yet discovered.

    Mattaron’s form quivered and sung with the never-ending dance of matter. The implacable momentum of the planetary gravity wells thrummed deep bass while fierce tides of radiation trilled quivering high notes as Mattaron’s unique sensory systems recorded the never-ending dance of matter and energy.

    Mattaron exalted in the silent symphony and service to the God-Machine as it listened to the void. Its data banks ceaselessly wrote the notes to a score that no one but the God-Machine would ever hear, as the movements of the great planets and the myriad lesser objects played on.

    The angel calculated the background timbre of ...


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