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Just Another Manic Monday [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Just Another Manic Monday [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Hi, everyone! Rich and Lisa are on vacation this week. Eddy sometimes picks up the slack when they’re gone, but he’s also on vacation, so I leaped at the opportunity to make a fool of myself here in my inaugural MMN post. So fair warning: if you have any questions about the minutiae of our different projects, my answer is probably going to be some variant of “gosh, I don’t know, but I’ll talk to Rich when he gets back.” Consequently, this post will probably be shorter than Rich’s posts tend to be.

    Gen Con 50 looms ever closer, a mere ten days away (thus eight or nine days until we leave for Indianapolis), and we’re totally not panicking. At least, some of us aren’t. The Gen Con Twitter account announced earlier that almost all passes are completely sold out: they expect to sell out of their remaining Friday passes this week. So clearly, this year’s Gen Con is going to be huge. I have no idea how many passes are available in total, but there were just shy of 61,000 ...


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