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If Mars Has Canals…[Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • If Mars Has Canals…[Monday Meeting Notes]

    …It Must Have a Venice.

    That was the first line Rose Bailey pitched to me describing her new idea for a game, Cavaliers of Mars.

    That was right when I started Onyx Path several years ago, and she’s been working on the project ever since. Swashbuckling adventure inspired by just about everything ever written in the fantasy genre for Mars, tossed roguishly into the game design blender that is Rose’s brain, and mixed with all the other stuff that she has absorbed in her years making games with White Wolf and Onyx Path.

    And now, we are currently prepping for the Cavaliers of Mars Kickstarter and looking at next week, hopefully Tuesday the 19th at noon to go live!

    It’s been a longer trip than we originally expected, but well worth the time spent. We think you’ll agree once the KS goes live, so please join us.



    Cavaliers of Mars illustration by Nate Pride



    So. Conventions.

    He says, swerving the conversation wildly.

    I know I highlight them a lot here on the blog, which can be a drag if you aren’t able to get out to any ...


    Onyx Path
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