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A Billowing Swirl of Red Sand! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • A Billowing Swirl of Red Sand! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Yes, the red sands of Mars explode around your booted feet as you parry and lunge through the ruined courtyard of the ancient complex!

    You must be in the world of Cavaliers of Mars!

    Its Kickstarter starts tomorrow, 9/19 at 12 noon Eastern US time, and we hope to see you there! Not only will you get a chance to learn more about Rose Bailey’s new swashbuckling game, but you’ll also get a chance to meet Onyx Path‘s new Kickstarter runner: Jammin’ James Bell!

    Jammin’ James is joining us to run and manage our Kickstarter efforts after many years in customer service, retail sales and management, and we know you’ll enjoy talking with him during each phase of our Kickstarters. Some of you might remember James as one of the founders of Fiery Dragon Games going as far back as the d20 craze of years ago, so not only does he know the business and customer service side of things, but he has a long love for tabletop RPGs and all forms of gaming!




    Arms of the Chosen illustration by Gunship Revolution




    Which brings ...


    Onyx Path
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