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Forewarned is Four-armed! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Forewarned is Four-armed! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Above you can see two of the sentient species in Cavaliers of Mars, illustrated in lovely b&w line-art by the multi-styled talent of Andrew Trabbold. That was a decision we made a couple of years ago, actually: to have all the interior art in Cavs by rendered line-art. The style works just right as it references both the old pulp-era illustrations and the early art in the tabletop RPG hobby.

    Is going black and white line-art going to alienate current day gamers who are used to and demand full-color interior art? Well, it probably does limit the appeal of Cavaliers of Mars in terms of a more broad-based audience, but we knew that would happen with this sort of game anyway.

    When Rose and I first started throwing ideas at each other the Gen Con after she pitched me the “canals/Venice” line, as explained last week, we were kind of brainstorming, kind of riffing off each others’ ideas. It became clear to me as the ideas started clicking together organically, that Rose had a very specific vision that she wanted to give ...


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