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[Scion] Pantheon Preview: Shen

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  • [Scion] Pantheon Preview: Shen

    This post was originally featured as a May Kickstarter update.

    Greetings, true believers!

    Besides mechanical work (we’ve integrated all of the Team Trinity improvements to the system – and I’ll preview our version of the advancement rules very soon – and we’ve been testing the new Purviews added after the Kickstarter), I’ve been working with players and writers to nail down the pantheons into something very gameable that’s unique to Scion, yet still respectful of their religious origins. At this point, all of the final drafts and Kieron Gillen’s story are in, and I’m finishing the text of the Storyguide’s section this week.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Scion doesn’t feature the true Odin, or Woden, or Wotan. That god belongs in the heart of his worshippers across time, and in Asgard awaiting Valhalla. Tinia, Zeus, and Jupiter were truly three different gods with different traits, adopted by three separate cultures — saying “the Etruscans, the Greeks, the Romans” is like saying “the Americans” describing a period of time far longer than this country’s been around, and a multitude ...


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