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    Hi, folks. Eric and Robert have sent along a new preview from*Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought — House Tepet!

    RY 765

    I’ve a soft spot for fellow soldiers, and I suppose you did come all this way. Fine. I’ll tell you about killing Anathema. Not Jochim — I’ll wager that copy of the Thousand Correct Actions of the Upright Soldier in your pack is dog-eared on that section. Wipe that look off your face, Swift. I don’t need Mela’s wisdom to know your type.

    Fear-Eater was a Deceiver. He didn’t have the talent Jochim or the Bull had, of training men to be fierce and fearless in weeks, so he took a more literal view of things. Fear-Eater was a shaman before he was Anathema, well-versed in the language of spirits. They taught him some of their tricks, including one he showed off to me during a parlay, where he reached into a man’s head and heart and actually drew out the fears in bunches of spiked purple fruits on twisted vines. Take a guess as to what he did then. When he ...


    Onyx Path
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