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Release Roundup: September 2017

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  • Release Roundup: September 2017

    Products released over the last month:

    Game Products

    Trinity Continuum:*Æon:*Trinity Continuum:*Æon poster (with logo) (print)
    Trinity Continuum:*Æon:*Trinity Continuum:*Æon poster (without logo) (print)
    Changeling: The Dreaming: Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition (PDF/print)
    Changeling: The Dreaming: Yours to Keep: A Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition Jumpstart (PDF/print)
    Exalted: Exalted Third Edition Music Suite 1: Fanfare for the Chosen (audio)
    Exalted: Exalted Third Edition Wallpapers (images)
    Exalted: Hundred Devils Night Parade part 5: Cloud Person & Fang-Blossom (PDF)
    Demon: The Descent: Dark Eras: After the Fall*(PDF/print)

    Back in Print

    Mage: The Ascension:*Mage Chronicles Volume 2*(Ascension’s Right Hand*and*Halls of the Arcanum)
    Mage: The Ascension:*The Traditions Gathered 2: Blood and Dreams*(Cult of Ecstasy,*Dreamspeakers,*Verbena)

    Storytellers Vault

    Missoula by Night
    Savannah by Night Storytellers Guide
    Menagerie of Mortals
    Bloodlinebook: Daeva
    States of Bearing
    Hunter’s Armory I*/*Armorial do Caçador de Vampiros
    Chronicles of the Blood Moon 3: To Never-Ending Island*/*Chroniques de la Lune de Sang 3: L’Île Sans Fin
    Savannah by Night Complete
    Chroniques de la Lune de Sang 4: L’Eveil
    Clanbook: Nahema
    Hunter’s Armory II
    Vampire Drawings
    Things Go Southy: One Page Chronicle Jumpstart
    A Singular Darkness: One Page Chronicle Jumpstart
    The Templar’s Childe: One Page Chronicle Jumpstart
    Monastery of Metamorphosis: One Page Chronicle Jumpstart
    Obelisk of Oak Island: One Page Chronicle Jumpstart
    Storyteller Reference Charts ...


    Onyx Path
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