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Life On Mars [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Life On Mars [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Another beautiful Chris Huth illustration from Cavaliers of Mars, this time in crisp, detailed, black and white line-art. Aesthetically, this is a look that our recent projects have tended to move away from in favor of staying current with audience expectations of full color, or at least some color. But it is a style and look I’ve always enjoyed and I was thrilled Rose wanted Cavaliers to embrace this style of art.

    It’s also a style that I started with and love working in; pen and ink, mostly with a crowquill pen and some brushwork. As far back as the graphic novel I wrote and drew in grad school (based on a series of adventures in my D&D world), and a style I returned to recently for Nocturnal Media‘s re-push of the “Storypath Cards”. (No relation to our StoryPath System). Which are still coming soon, I hear.



    Lasombra for Prince’s Gambit clan card by Mark Kelly




    To continue the theme of what I’m up to, and you can see what else we’re all up to down in the BLURBS! section, here’s a ...


    Onyx Path
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