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A Month On Mars [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • A Month On Mars [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Wow. We are indeed closing in on a month of visiting the red planet via the Cavaliers of Mars Kickstarter campaign!

    Now, the KS is closing in on its last few days, and we raised quite a bit more than expected (wow 700%+) and were able include some cool extra Stretch Goal projects so far. Really looking forward to see what the usually energized last days will bring.

    Most importantly, thanks to our KS backers, Onyx Path can now be sure that we are able to fully bring a complete new world to all the gamers out there looking for sword and sorcery, pulpish fun, but with a modern sensibility appropriate for our community today.

    That’s really what this is all about, and why Rose’s idea for this game was so appealing. I want Onyx Path to have the range to handle huge expansive settings and also be able to create a focused, “jewel box” of a game, and Cavaliers is just that. Even the system, which Rose and I discussed many times, is something designed to work specifically with the other game ...


    Onyx Path
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