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Tier 3 Playtest for New Rules [Hunter: The Vigil]

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  • Tier 3 Playtest for New Rules [Hunter: The Vigil]

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    Hello, Hunter: The Vigil fans! I understand that you are anxious for an update, and today I’m pleased to announce the release of a Tier 3 playtest that will be open for feedback through November 10th, 2017. Exciting times! My team is very excited to get actual play feedback to put the finishing touches on our rules.

    My team has designed three, system-focused scenes, inspired by the Slasher Chronicle found in the corebook, that will help us get a feel for how our new rules are working. To play, you will need a copy of the Chronicles of Darkness Rulebook for core rules. While Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition will be a standalone game, the manuscript’s current status (combined with the fact we’re playtesting new rules) requires us to rely on existing 2nd Edition rules that have already been released; we’ve used and marked them when appropriate in this playtest document.

    In the interest of making the best, playable game possible, I will be relying on gaming experiences as opposed to cursory reads of the text. As ...


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