Enemy Action illustration by Avery Butterworth



Let’s hope the power stays on as I write this, as opposed to last week!

Had a great time at the strangely yet memorably named GameHoleCon in Madison, Wisconsin this last weekend. There, the preferred dice to roll are the 20-sided and other solids that are classically used for D&D, and that makes sense as they are very much coming from that tradition.

So why did Onyx Path attend when most of our games use 10-sided dice pools?

Well, we are publishing the second edition of the d20 classic Scarred Lands in both Pathfinder and 5th Edition D&D compatible rules versions. Scarred Lands‘ aftermath of a gods-war setting has always been very compelling to me, and I’m glad myself and developer Scott Holden had a chance to review where the line can go as we shared a room at the con.

Plus, we have Pugmire, which uses a simplified d20 system that we thing really makes it easy to get started playing your canine adventurers.

So we figure it is good to get out and both let folks know ...