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Now Available: Pugmire Card Set 1, and Onyx Dice!

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  • Now Available: Pugmire Card Set 1, and Onyx Dice!

    Now available in PDF and print on demand from DriveThruRPG: Pugmire Card Set 1 (Trick, Condition, and Initiative Cards)!

    Enhance your Pugmire game with this set of player aid cards! These helpful visual aids make your Pugmire gaming easier! Lay them out next to your sheet for ease of reference during play, and to keep track of what you can do, what affects your character, and when they get to act.

    Set One contains one card each of every trick in the game, as well as every Condition. It also has a set of Initiative cards to track player and non-player character actions during combat. Sets Two and Three (covering Artisan and Shepherd spells) coming soon!

    Also available: Onyx Dice dice rolling app! Available for iOS and Android.

    The official Onyx Path 3D dice roller with realistic rolling physics!

    • Scion, Exalted, Classic World of Darkness, and Chronicles of Darkness rolling rule presets
    • 2 custom presets
    • Flexible rolling rules support most rolling rule modifiers from your character’s Charms, Merits, Disciplines, etc.
    • Beautiful themed dice and tables so you can roll in style
    • Supports as many ...


    Onyx Path
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