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Winter Is Here, Jon! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Winter Is Here, Jon! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Aaaah, what does Jon Snow know, anyway?

    (The answer is “nothing”.)

    But we know that we’ve themed our Changeling: the Lost 2nd Edition Kickstarter to change from season to season, week to week. This week, we’re finishing up Winter, and next up is Spring and all the growth that promises.

    But right now, Winter rules and with it a post-Thanksgiving sense of lingering thankfulness.

    Maybe it was attending PAX Unplugged in my hometown of Philly a couple of weeks ago just two blocks from the hobby store where I bought the original D&D Monster Manual, then a wonderful family Thanksgiving, and then getting back together with an old friend and gaming buddy from our college years after ten years yesterday, but I’m in the mood to tell you about how I got into this tabletop gaming thing of ours while expressing some thanks.

    (Feel free to skip to THE BLURBS! and the Updates, if anything pre-White Wolf causes your eyes to glaze over. This is pre-history, dude.)




    Half Damned art by Michele Giorgi




    Here’s the preamble: I started serious tabletop gaming in my sophomore year of ...


    Onyx Path
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