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    I thought about holding that pun back for a post about the powers set, but… Nah.

    Welcome back, faithful readers!

    Deviant: The Renegades is but two first drafts off being in Redlines. Since I last wrote one of these posts, a good 95% of the book has appeared on my hard drive through the hard work and dedication of my amazing team.

    You’ve all seen the ubiquitous Theme and Mood sections in our book introductions, something that dates back to the early Classic World of Darkness games. They’re usually the first thing a Developer writes into a book’s outline, and the choice of them defines a gameline. Mechanics, splat designs, setting elements – they all work best when they’re aimed at one of their games’ themes. The Chronicles of Darkness games all share a common mechanical and setting backbone – the themes chosen are how they differentiate themselves, and how Deviant isn’t just a Hunter/Changeling/Promethean crossover.

    Which is to say, that when designing a new game, what its Themes and Mood are is a fairly huge decision. Also equally important are the tone we ...


    Onyx Path
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    That's Amazing