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It’s the Week Before Christmas, and…[Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • It’s the Week Before Christmas, and…[Monday Meeting Notes]

    …all through the Onyx Path house, not a creature is working tho’ lots of games give us wows.

    Like W20 Changing Ways, our featured cover this week!

    So I mentioned last week that Onyx Path‘s “office” will be closed after today until Jan 2nd. While we could all use the break, and the holidays force a lot of non-work time too, we’re really looking at taking advantage of doing this now because a lot of our publishing partners are taking this time off.

    For example, you’ll note in the “At Press” stage below in our weekly Progress Report that we have a fair number of things labeled as “PoD ordered”. That’s because our PoD printing plant is now on vacation. Mid-January and into February is going to be packed with new PoDs for sale!

    The truth is, though: we’re really bad at vacationing.

    Rollickin’ Rose Bailey says she is taking advantage of the time not spent herding our Onyx cats to work on Cavaliers of Mars, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be using my time to draw up Monarchies of Mau NPCs. Speaking of cats.

    Just ...


    Onyx Path
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