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And Then We Flu Back…[Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • And Then We Flu Back…[Monday Meeting Notes]

    Well, we had a lovely time at MidWinter, and I was planning to tell you all about it, but on Sunday Morning I woke up because I was shivering so badly. I managed to get through the next two days of our Onyx Path Summit, but was just a hacking, broken, man on the flight home.

    Mighty Matt came into the con with the flu, or as we call him now: Vector. Monica had it when she came in for the Summit. The others didn’t get sick, but were rewarded by the snow delaying or even cancelling their flights, and have only just returned home today.




    Trinity Continuum: Core illustration “Planning a Heist” by Pat McEvoy




    So, bad ending to a great MidWinter Convention and Onyx Path Summit, and this blog is the one who will pay the price, as I just don’t have the brainpower to write coherently. I could really use the healing powers of the The Æsculapian Order, as pictured in the art above for the Trinity Continuum: Aeon book, illustrated by Marco Gonzales.

    One thing I must let you ...


    Onyx Path
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