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Pushin’ Through the Cold to Get to the Cake! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Pushin’ Through the Cold to Get to the Cake! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Probably shouldn’t have binge-watched the new season of Twin Peaks while still feverish from the flu last week (I had some crazy extended dreams!), but it did remind of how awesome and genuinely a good guy Agent Cooper is. And we could use some of that in our lives. This phenomenal show, that was a true extension of the original series, gives us a thumbs-up from Agent Cooper to start us with this week’s blog.

    Hard to believe it has been a week since we held our Onyx Path Summit at MidWinter! Even though a bunch of us were in various phases of getting sick, it was a hugely positive and open gathering where we examined a bunch of topics designed to get us all on the same page as to where the company is financially, psychologically, and philosophically.

    We took a whole lot of body-blows in 2017, from deaths of our long-time friends and partners, to social media buffeting, and worries about human rights in our industry and throughout the world. And while Onyx Path the company came through toughened and ...


    Onyx Path
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