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  • The Fin [They Came From Beneath the Sea!]

    Greetings, traveller!

    Matthew Dawkins here, with a small preview of some of the fiction for*They Came From Beneath the Sea! This fiction will be interspersed between chapters, as is traditional in many of our books, and is all written by Larry Blamire.

    You’ll notice Larry’s writing style is a little different to our usual fare, but perfectly suited to a game like this one. It stresses the absurd situations you will encounter in games of*They Came From, from slightly odd character names to bizarre antagonist types, and hammy B-Movie dialogue to unusual set pieces. Picture the cast of strong-jawed survivors, crazed scientists, plucky reporters, and homegrown everymen in a situation such as the one depicted below, the stilted way in which they act in a science fiction movie of the 1950s, and how you might be able to translate that to your table.

    Please enjoy The Fin!

    * * * * * THE FIN

    The Loose Limpet was one of the finer seafood restaurants in Coastal City, so it came as a surprise that a horrible murder was committed there, as opposed to ...


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