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At Long Last, Continuum! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • At Long Last, Continuum! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    The Trinity Continuum, that is.

    This is a big, big, thing for us here at Onyx Path.

    You see, back in the dim mists of time, we at the original White Wolf set out to create a new universe besides the World of Darkness. Some of us wanted to explore different genres, and already we sensed that WoD had gelled so that there were certain themes that were seen as not working for those game lines. Same thing with other genres.

    Now that thinking may have been right or wrong, but we did in fact create Aeon, and as we were young madmen, we decided that not only would this new universe be a setting for science fiction gaming, we were going to set it up so that we’d have a super-hero game, and what the hell, a pulp-genre game as well. We’d start in the future and work our way back through a connected timeline, and so it had an overarching story that we would tell…backwards!

    I mean, we were nothing if not ambitious and exploding with creative ideas.




    Wraith 20th illustration by ...


    Onyx Path
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