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The Trinity Continuum: Æon Kickstarter is LIVE!

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  • The Trinity Continuum: Æon Kickstarter is LIVE!

    From: Onyx Path Publishing
    To: Æon Trinity operatives
    Encryption: RPH/x9
    Transmission type: textfile

    The Kickstarter for the Trinity Continuum core rulebook and the Trinity Continuum:*Æon rulebook is now live!


    Contribute to help create, publish, and distribute the new edition of the Trinity Continuum tabletop roleplaying game.

    The*Trinity Continuum Core*rules are the foundation for interacting with the*Trinity Continuum*setting. Using the*Storypath System, the*Trinity Continuum Core*rules provide a contemporary baseline, allowing you to explore modern scenarios in various genres. Present day scenarios involving dedicated investigators, audacious con artists, underground do-gooders, and intrepid explorers can all work within the structure provided.

    Trinity Continuum: Æon*will be the first non-contemporary setting explored on the*Trinity Continuum*timeline. Set in the year 2123,*Trinity Continuum: Æon*depicts a future Earth, still in the process of recovery from a devastating war and starting to expand into space. Nations that avoided the brunt of the destruction have transformed into leading political forces, while other regions are either home to struggling survivors in the ruins of their former countries, or living under a fascist regime intent on restoring order at any cost. Bio-engineering technology mixes with ...


    Onyx Path
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