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Release Roundup: January 2018

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  • Release Roundup: January 2018

    2018’s off to a great start! Here’s what we’ve released this month:

    Vampire: The Masquerade: Beckett’s Jyhad Diary*(PDF/print)
    Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Pentex*Employee Indoctrination Handbook (PDF/print)
    Exalted: Hundred Devils Night Parade part 9: Armored Kraken and Ghostfisher (PDF)
    Exalted: Adversaries of the Righteous part 4: Ku Nenaveya (PDF)
    Vampire: The Requiem: Half-Damned (print)
    Changeling: The Lost: The Huntsmen Chronicle Anthology (ebook/print)


    Exalted Art: Chibi Volfer (phone cases)
    Exalted Art: Chibi Perfect Soul (phone cases)
    Exalted Art: Chibi Iselsi Shen (phone cases)
    Exalted Art: Chibi Novia Claro (phone cases)
    Exalted Art: Chibi Prince Diamond (phone cases)
    Requiem for Rome: The Camarilla (shirts)
    Requiem for Rome: Rome Clan: Daeva (shirts)
    Requiem for Rome: Rome Clan: Gangrel (shirts)
    Requiem for Rome: Rome Clan: Julii (shirts)
    Requiem for Rome: Rome Clan: Mekhet (shirts)
    Requiem for Rome: Rome Clan: Nosferatu (shirts)
    Vampire: The Requiem:*Daeva Bloodline: Zelani*(shirts)
    Vampire: The Requiem:*Gangrel Bloodline: Annunaku*(shirts)
    Vampire: The Requiem:*Mekhet Bloodline: Angustri*(shirts)
    Vampire: The Requiem:*Nosferatu Bloodline: Azerkatil*(shirts)
    Vampire: The Requiem:*Ventrue Ghoul Family: The Alleymen*(shirts)
    Vampire: The Requiem:*Covenant: Belial’s Brood*(shirts)

    Storytellers Spotlight
    The following community-created content has been added in the last month:

    Vampire: The Victorian Age:*Clanbook: Blood Brothers
    Vampire: The Victorian Age:*Rising Flames: The Berlin Chronicles
    Vampire: The Victorian Age:*Vampire: The Victorian Age V20 Color Templates*(Word)
    Vampire: The Victorian Age:*Vampire: The ...


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