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The Doors of Death [Geist: The Sin-Eaters]

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  • The Doors of Death [Geist: The Sin-Eaters]

    Got the latest Geist update from Travis:

    The Bound are not merely people possessed by the dead. A Sin-Eater’s geist is a conduit through which she can draw on the power of the Underworld itself. She unleashes tendrils of Plasm that take physical form as bleeding walls, flying knives, and skeletal apparitions. She lays deadly curses, draws her geist into her flesh to transform her body, or infuses her voice with the keening wails of the dead.

    All Haunts draw their power from the Underworld, the Sin-Eater (or her geist) weaving Plasm into a form that befits the Haunt, whether that’s invisible strings that fling objects around a room or black-iron talons wrapped around her fingers. As she advances her understanding of a Haunt, she discovers novel new ways to weave Plasm into the Haunt’s effects, and as her raw ability to store and channel Plasm increases, she gains the ability to sling powerful Haunts at a moment’s notice.


    For Geist Second Edition, we’ve kept the seven Haunts from the first edition core rulebook (back when they were called Manifestations), but we’ve added ...


    Onyx Path
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    Seriously amazing work here. I'm highly anticipating this release!

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