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Strange Aeons [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Strange Aeons [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Yep, we’re at that strange part of the Trinity Continuum: Aeon Kickstarter, the part where things kind of plod along with a pledge here and there. (So I’ve included this new art above to kind of be the totem of shaking things up and making some action happen!) Amazingly, it took us until three-quarters of the way through to plateau for a bit. We’ve had KSs that plateaued three days after they started!

    So now’s the time to tell all your friends if you’re a backer, and to take another look at the KS if you haven’t backed yet. Please, if you have time, post in social media so word gets out. In particular, if you know somebody that was a fan of Trinity back in the day, they may not be up on who is publishing what, or that this Kickstarter is even happening to bring back the game.

    We always have folks coming to us after a KS wanting to know if they could still pledge because they missed hearing about it while it was running. If we can get ...


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