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Grave Goods and Buried Treasures [Geist: The Sin-Eaters]

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  • Grave Goods and Buried Treasures [Geist: The Sin-Eaters]

    The latest from Travis, our humble Geist 2nd Edition developer:

    Sin-Eaters borrow the term Memento from the Latin phrase memento mori, “remember that you must die”. People have been finding or making tokens by which to remember death for nearly as long as they’ve been dying, but to the Bound they are something more. A Memento is a physical object with a Twilight presence, transformed by the resonance of death into something that’s no longer entirely of the living.

    Death Trinkets
    Most Mementos are ordinary objects that were transformed by playing an important role in someone’s death, or by acting as one of a ghost’s Anchors. The Bound have never been able to figure out exactly what turns one object into a Memento while another remains untouched; one grisly murder might result in the murder weapon itself becoming a token of death, while another death, just as violent, leaves the murder weapon unaltered, but creates a Memento out of the porcelain doll sitting on the shelf next to where the victim died.

    Mementos can also come from more unusual sources. Objects brought ...


    Onyx Path
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