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Three Reasons To Try the Trinity Continuum… [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Three Reasons To Try the Trinity Continuum… [Monday Meeting Notes]

    …And back the Kickstarter!

    Using the classic Aeon Trinity motto: Hope, Sacrifice, Unity!

    Reason #1: HOPE
    We’re not talking about a shiny-happy ending to every game here, but that one of the base precepts of the Continuum is that efforts produce results. It’s a continuum of settings with some of them being very dark indeed, and others much more about heroic actions delivering heroic and positive results. And then, of course, you can decide at your table how far to take things beyond how we present them.

    Your group of players may decide to shoot Otha Herzog in the head and put an end to his visions of the future – possibly leaving Earth with no fore-warning of dire events, while another table might be working with ISRA to arrive at the right time and the right place with the right equipment. That’s not just an external thing players do, but it’s built in to the Trinity Continuum to allow those choices and for those settings to exist with all the other ones in the Continuum.

    This, to me, is what Hope means in the ...


    Onyx Path
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