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    Today is N-Day, the day the Galatea station explodes in orbit, beginning the Aberrant era. As such, Onyx Path Publishing would like to take the opportunity to begin our own Aberrant era by announcing the development team for the upcoming Trinity Continuum: Aberrant rulebook.

    Ian A. A. Watson will continue in his role as Trinity Continuum Creative Lead, providing overall guidance and direction for the books of the*Aberrant era.

    Eddy Webb is taking on the role of Managing Developer, maintaining his record of excellence in directing freelancers and project management.

    And we’re delighted to introduce Steve Kenson as our Lead Designer, who will help shape the new edition of Aberrant into something we’re all proud of and excited about. As designer of RPGs like Mutants & Masterminds, DC Adventures, and ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying, as well as writer on RPGs like Champions, DC Universe, Marvel Super Heroes, and Silver Age Sentinels, we couldn’t resist bringing the resident expert in superhero RPGs to our team to lend his unique voice.

    Steve has previously written on a number of Aberrant’s first edition titles, including Aberrant Worldwide: Phase ...


    Onyx Path
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