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Fiction Friday: Beast Player’s Guide

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  • Fiction Friday: Beast Player’s Guide

    Have a peek at “Eve’s Hoodie,” the introductory fiction from the recently-released Beast Player’s Guide for Beast: The Primordial.

    Mr. Coffey stepped out of the house. The door was off the hinges and the walls were tagged, but no one came in here. This part of town had homeless just like the rest of it, they stood by the highway entrance with their cardboard signs reading “ANYTHING HELPS” and “HOMELESS VET” and “GOD BLESS” and so on. This place was nice and cool, shaded by some overgrown trees, so why no squatters?

    Something terrible happened here, thought Mr. Coffey. He smiled at the thought. He knew that a serial killer had once lived here, but that in itself wasn’t interesting; serial killers were a dated fear, a screenwriter’s joke. No, the incident here — and there had*been an incident, Mr. Coffey could taste it in the air — had been more recent and stranger. He looked around the yard, lush and green in the wet May weather. The incident was powerful, but at the same time, Mr. Coffey tasted innocence, wonder, the ...


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