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Release Roundup: March 2018

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  • Release Roundup: March 2018

    It’s been a busy month for us! (But then, aren’t they all?) Alongside wrapping up the Trinity Continuum Kickstarter and launching Dragon-Blooded, we’ve released the following:

    Pugmire:*The Secret of Vinsen’s Tomb: A Pugmire Jumpstart*(print)
    Pugmire:*Pugmire*Card Set 2: Artisan Spell Cards*(PDF/print)
    Pugmire:*Pugmire Card Set 3: Shepherd Spell Cards (PDF/print)
    Changeling: The Dreaming:*C20 Ready Made Characters*(PDF/print)
    Exalted: Hundred Devils Night Parade part 11: Eight-Tailed Mole Hound and Mahicara, the Volcanic Earthwalker*(PDF)
    Exalted: Adversaries of the Righteous part 6: Ashana Ikatu*(PDF)
    Demon: The Descent:*Night Horrors: Enemy Action (advance PDF)
    Beast: The Primordial:*Beast Player’s Guide*(advance PDF)

    Two new titles are available for your tablets:

    Changeling: The Lost:*The Huntsmen Chronicle Anthology (Kindle/Nook)
    Scarred Lands:*Champions of the Scarred Lands (Kindle/Nook)


    Monarchies of Mau: Blayze (shirt)
    Monarchies of Mau: Halo (shirt)
    Monarchies of Mau: Journal of Secrets (hardcover journal)
    Monarchies of Mau: Malcolm (shirt)
    Monarchies of Mau: Monifa (shirt)
    Monarchies of Mau: Nerma (shirt)
    Monarchies of Mau: Sabian (shirt)
    Pugmire: Adventuring Party (postcard)
    Pugmire: Pioneer’s Journal (hardcover journal)
    Pugmire: Tavern Fun (postcard)
    Pugmire: Trickshot (postcard)
    Pugmire: We Are Good Dogs (postcard)
    Pugmire: Yosha vs. Slug (postcard)
    Exalted: Chibi Volfer (hardcover journal)
    Exalted: Chibi Perfect Soul (hardcover journal)
    Exalted: Chibi Iselsi Shen (hardcover journal)
    Exalted: Chibi Novia Claro (hardcover journal)
    Exalted: Chibi Prince Diamond (hardcover journal)

    Also lots ...


    Onyx Path
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