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[They Came From Beneath The Sea!] Adam’s Ale Man

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  • [They Came From Beneath The Sea!] Adam’s Ale Man

    This is an alert broadcast across all frequencies. I am sorry for interrupting your radio listening.*Regular programming will resume shortly.

    People of the world, if you can hear this and can see the sea or any large body of water from*your current location, you must turn and move in the opposite direction immediately. Obviously*if you live on a small island this information can be ignored. In such cases, please instead hide in*the nearest cupboard until the all clear sounds.

    Do not be alarmed, but reports of gigantic pillpugs, gargantuan squid, and gill-kin attacking*coastal towns, seaside resorts, and shipping have now been verified. I cannot confirm exactly*how many of these threats are emerging, but it seems an invasion of some magnitude is now*taking place.

    I repeat, do not be alarmed.

    Though, if you are already feeling alarmed, it is okay to continue feeling that way.

    Honestly from my vantage point in Colorado, I’m not entirely sure what all the fuss is about. I*see no reason to be alarmed.

    Oh God! There’s something emerging from the toilet bowl!

    [crackle of static]

    Adam’s Ale Man
    “Is it a fish?”

    Onyx Path
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