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    “They don’t feel anything, they don’t care if you live or die. They’re hard to kill, impossible to understand. And if you’re in their way they’ll sweep you aside in the most efficient way possible. All that was left of my unit were bodies and the strange urge to buy my groceries at Harlow’s Stores.”
    —Private Shane Thomas, Rifle Security Company Pearl Harbor, 25th Infantry, US Army
    Subject: Defense Technologies Experiment 157, Codename: “Brainbox”

    Threat Codex Rating: Charlie-2

    File Notes
    DTX-157, Codenamed “Brainbox,” was initially designed to perform codebreaking work during World War II and was later repurposed as a so-called “Thinking Machine” to make real time tactical and long term strategic analysis. Its creator, Dr. Theodore Montfils, was known to have almost a paternal relationship with it. Lab assistants described him talking to it at night during late shifts fine tuning its tumblers and dials. He fitted it with a harmonic resonator to allow it to talk back and to add a vocal component to the calculations it made on its viewscreen.

    Following the end of the War, Defense Technologies at ...


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