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Fiction Friday: Champions of the Scarred Lands

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  • Fiction Friday: Champions of the Scarred Lands

    This week we look at a piece from The River’s Flow, a story by*Alejandro Melchor in*Champions of the Scarred Lands.

    They followed the man, who later introduced him as Gareth. They walked a path covered in mud. Jedem slipped twice, the innkeeper three times as many. Only Essery seemed like she was actually enjoying the scenery and not worrying where she stepped.

    “So, why did you come?” Essery asked the druid; Gareth had gone ahead once the path upstream reached higher ground.


    “About the villagers’ efforts?”

    “About you.”

    “Oh, Jedem. What’s there to see? I’m a simple girl.” Her reply was jovial.

    “What are you?” He asked. “You’re not fey, and I sense no magic around you.”

    “True enough.”

    With those two words, she told him he knew what he was asking, and she also dared him to find the answer on his own.

    There were around two-dozen people gathered among scattered sacks and logs, arguing loudly.

    “Here they are!” Gareth pointed at them. Another villager, covered in mud, walked over angrily, wielding a shovel. He pointed at the two of them with the metal end.

    “You shouldn’t be here!”

    “We know.” ...


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