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Last Drops of April! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Last Drops of April! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Hope everybody had a great time reading this blog last week with guest blogger Mighty Matt McElroy. Big thanks to Matt for stepping in and posting!

    A bunch of stuff has happened in these last two weeks that I haven’t had a chance to comments on, so I’m just going to go down the list and cover as much as I can from my own slightly warped viewpoint.

    1- If you read this section before jumping right to the Project Progress section, which I know all insight-lovin’ folks do, then I’ll note that some things that moved forward last week are now, or still, in bold this week. I just wanted to get caught up myself on what was new or newish, and so I emphasized a few projects again rather than chance missing them.



    2- Last week, our Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought Kickstarter campaign wrapped up and we were just wowed by how well the campaign ran! The enthusiasm of the backers and the awesome communication encouraged by our “Kickstarter Concierge” James Ring-a-Ding Bell, in-house dev Dixie Cochrane, and EX3 developers ...


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