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Fiction Friday: C20 Anthology of Dreams

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  • Fiction Friday: C20 Anthology of Dreams

    A selection from “Summer Girl” by Wren Handman in the Anthology of Dreams for Changeling: The Dreaming.

    After we had talked, and walked through the woods awhile, and dipped our feet in the pond just beyond the back lot, we began the slow meander back towards the old barn.

    “Tell me a story,” she said.

    I threaded my way through the trees and she followed, half a step behind. The sunlight lazy there, the heat not so strong in the half-light. I could feel the air against my face, the warmth of it, but I closed my eyes and remembered winter.

    “First you have to remember,” I said, and I knew that she had her eyes closed too, feeling her way through the woods by the feel of her feet, following the sound of my voice. “Remember what it feels like to have the air cool against your face. Remember when the sky is so bright blue it hurts to look at, and the ground is white and smooth like an unbroken lake. Remember how it feels when you breathe in and the air ...


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