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Ready For My Close-Up, Mr DeMille. [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Ready For My Close-Up, Mr DeMille. [Monday Meeting Notes]

    We’ve been mentioning our smash-hit Onyx Pathcast here and all over our social media, and I’m thrilled to say that our team of podcasters; Eddy Webb, Matthew Dawkins, and Dixie Cochran (no e), are at it again with this week’s episode that will be found here on Friday:

    The team is really just getting started, and in two weeks they’ll have an interview with Impish Ian Watson, our community manager, and uber-dev for the Trinity Continuum. He’s no slouch on classic White Wolf* lore, either! Thanks to all you who sent in questions for the team to toss at Ian.

    We’re just getting set up to record the next interview, and I think this might be the team’s first big mistake. They’ll be interviewing yours truly, and that can’t be anything but trouble. Potentially hilarious trouble, but trouble nonetheless.

    You, yes you, can help them, though.

    Please give them some questions to ask me in the comments here, and that way they can come to the interview pre-armed and let the chips fall where they may. Interestingly, Fast Eddy Webb has recused himself ...


    Onyx Path
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