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    A preview of Hunter 2e from Monica:

    Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition has been in development for a while and there’s a few reasons for that. The game is designed to stand alone as its own corebook, and this approach is something I have to be conscious of with respect to rules and referenced material. It also, however, has a lot*of callbacks to what the first edition of Hunter is all about: fighting monsters in your own backyard. To that end, once I finish tidying up the rules, I’ll be applying a lot of my own research to spruce up the Slasher Chronicle, make sure the compacts/conspiracies are well-covered, and then jam-pack the chapters with flavorful story seeds by replacing some generic terms like “monster” with actual threats so the game is fun to read and to play. I’m also working on a new preview for you, and I think you’re really going to dig it.

    Remember that the setting conceit for HTV 2E is: “There are more monsters than ever before.” To hunt them, you’ll need more tools — and ...


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