Now available in print-on-demand for the first time from DriveThruFiction, the classic*Scarred Lands anthology*Champions of the Scarred Lands!

A Time of New Legends

The ancient races of the world known as Scarn still remember a time of relative peace, when they were ruled by titans and the land was whole.* Now those times are gone. Over a hundred years ago, the race of young gods overthrew the titans in a bloody war.* Their battles shattered mountains, blighted forests and decimated the inhabitants of Scarn.* The world that survived is now known as the Scarred Lands.* The gods are victorious, the titans have been imprisoned and the people caught between have slowly rebuilt their civilizations.

The Perfect Introduction to a Devastated World

The first Scarred Lands anthology tells the stories of the heroes and villains who have left the greates mark on the new world.* It collects tales of King Virduk of Calastia, the Incarnate, Barconius the holy knight of Corean and more.* Enter this fantastic world in its time of new legends.

Kickstarter Update

Yesterday we launched the*Fetch Quest deck-building card game Kickstarter! With 28 days ...