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Episode Four: Yes Instead Of No

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  • Episode Four: Yes Instead Of No

    In which we interview Ian A. A. Watson, Creative Lead for the Trinity Continuum and Community Manager for Onyx Path!

    Ian talks about his history with the Trinity Continuum pitch, through the CCP merger, and into the creation of Onyx Path

    Ian’s love for the Trinity line goes back to 1997

    Rabbit holes and why we love what we love
    The dynamics of the Trinity design team, and how awesome Danielle Lauzon is

    How the Storypath system came to be
    How we reframe Storypath between Trinity and They Came

    Reexamining how we do the development process, and how we are trying new things for Aberrant
    Ian talks about his Community Manager role
    What’s exciting about this new version of Trinity

    Aegis! Anima! (Maybe)

    Also, Assassin’s Creed
    We answer some forum questions (did yours get answered? Listen to find out!)
    Trinity as a pop culture toolbox
    We talk about fonts! Fonts are cool!

    Comic Sans Project:

    Aberrant‘s diversity
    Ian’s contributions to Vampire: Bloodlines

    Unofficial Patch:

    Trinity Backerkit: https://trinity-continuum-aeon-rpg.b...sted_preorders
    Special bonus at the end!


    Onyx Path
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